Let’s Dance – Music & Movement for Everyone


Let’s Dance is a Not-for-profit Organization.

Have you seen the latest video on Bright Hawk’s Youtube Channel? Activities directors all over the US are telling you to bring this program to your challenged community!

We are a NON PROFIT – so it is important that we collect donations in order to serve all communities, regardless of their economic status!

We are asking for Ellen DeGeneres’ help! Can you help us?

Let’s Dance provides activity directors with program choices, high quality entertainment, and a special treat for those that normally don’t engage in other activities. Offering these programs for a variety of communities including Nursing Centers, Memory Care Units, LTC Facilities, Adult Day Care, Schools, Libraries, and challenged & differently abled communities.  Let’s Dance offers three programs at this time – Let’s Dance Movement and Music ProgramBright Hawk StorytellingHang PANArt Concert. We have outlined how “Let’s Dance” can entertain your community, simply click on “communities” above and choose the community that bests fits your situation. We are happy to travel and most years we plan a tour, maybe we can add your city on our way. If you received a mailing that announces our visit to your city there are already commitments in your area and we are visiting your area as part of our tour. Please contact us to arrange a visit or visit our NEWS page to see where we will be visiting next. Want us to come to your facility? Please email us with interest and let’s work together to make it happen!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Dance – Music & Movement for Everyone

  1. Hollis,
    I received a call from you. I am not able to call you from my phone, No long distance. But you may contact me at the email left below. You mentioned that you may be in our area in February.
    We would love to have you dance for us. We are a small facility, and don’t really don’t have a budget to use for entertainment.

    Thank you for think about us,
    Arleen Preston
    Activity Director
    Pohai Nani, Good Samaritan Society


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