Let’s Dance brings Joy to PA Nursing homes

Providing stress relief and joy regardless of mental capacity

In the month of September, Let’s Dance visited a variety of elderly care facilities in the Pennsylvania area. Most of the participants in this program were memory challenged although the range of levels differed greatly. Both Bright Hawk and Hollis felt very comfortable with the program and were filled with joy to bring the program to Central PA.

Both of us were filled with thank you’s and appreciation for our work. Each community was truly filled with joy at the sound of the hang instrument and remarked how Hollis brought smiles to every single resident’s face. We found that groups of 25-35 were absolutely perfect and allowed for enough time to enjoy both the instrument and short spurts of movement with Hollis. Hollis was able to engage the most mood challenged individuals with grace and ease by the end of the session. Bright Hawk mesmerized the group and brought smiles to anyone listening. Each time we visited a community we heard tons of positive feedback and were asked to return in the future.

Moving forward we have decided to bring Let’s Dance to the Boulder, CO area starting in November. We are looking forward to spreading more music, movement, and smiles.


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