Growth & Travel with Let’s Dance

As the summer comes to a close we celebrate the many opportunities we had with communities all over the USA this summer. We visited communities in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Colorado. We have become official vendors for Brookdale, Sunrise, Manor Care, Golden Living, Silverado, Leisure Care, and Chelsea Homes. We have visited communities for Independent Living, Assisted Living, Long Term Nursing Care, Memory Care and Rehabilitation Centers. Each community has been special but certainly each group experiences uplifting music accompanied by empowering movement.

Bright Hawk and Hollis have truly enjoyed their visits to each community and have been working behind the scenes to further develop Let’s Dance and what Bright Hawk Productions can offer long term care communities around the world. We are working on a database to help with ease in booking and managing our visits to the community. Hollis and Bright Hawk are developing more programs including storytelling for cognitively alert communities and elderly life enrichment training programs for direct caregivers. Let’s Dance is in the process of expanding our website and YouTube channel to include more media to help better spread our program. We are developing products like DVD’s and recorded music for caregivers and activities people to deliver to the elderly communities.

Let’s Dance has been welcomed with open arms into many communities and we have been full of gratitude for such enriching soulful experiences again and again. We are so honored to bring so much love, joy and healing to the community and are inspired to continue to develop Let’s Dance in ways that makes sense for the communities we visit.

We have received a lot of feedback over this summer and have had our hearts filled when activities directors share just how much Let’s Dance means to their communities. Stories about residents who “have not opened their eyes in 6 months, suddenly not only opened them for Hollis but even smiled…” Stories about how residents shed tears of joy as they “listen to the healing vibrations of the Hang PANArt” Compliments about how the program truly supports the empowerment of residents to move, smile and experience uplifting joy. We are working to capture these magical moments on video.

As we continue to grow we encourage your feedback, suggestions, and ideas. We welcome your comments here in order to help spread the healing vibrations through Let’s Dance!!!
Let’s Dance – Healing with Music and movement

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