Upgrades and Expansion 2015

Our first year and we are full of gratitude for a successful year. We have visited cities in 7 different states this year with amazing success! We have completed our first upgrade and have expanded our programming.

We have upgraded our website to be easier to navigate and understand this amazing program. Let’s Dance program can be flexible for so many communities we wanted to make it clear just how much fun it can be for everyone. Take a look and catch our newest video that shows just how special this program is. This program uplifts spirits and brings big smiles to everyone. You can also be sure to subscribe and watch for updates about what city we are going to next.

We have also expanded our programming to include Storytelling & a Hang PANArt concert for independent and assisted living communities. Storytelling by Bright Hawk engages everyone and is engaging for all ages. The senior community appreciates Bright Hawk’s uplifting positive energy and celebrates her talents at entertaining live audiences. The concert with the Hang PANArt is great for music appreciators and music enthusiasts of all kinds based solely on the uniqueness of the instrument. The Hang is a very special and unique instrument and communities appreciate Bright Hawk’s musical knowledge, stories and adventures.

As we grow we are excited for what the future holds. We are looking to offer exercise DVD’s and other types of merchandise in our future. If you have any feedback we encourage you to write us, comment on our website, or on this post. We love to hear from our communities and want to hear your ideas. We are in deep gratitude for this opportunity and for the support of so many communities around the world.


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