Storytelling for Seniors

Bright Hawk has been telling stories to families for over 20 years! Her experience and knowledge about formats, techniques, and enthusiasm shines through every-time. Bright Hawks experience, maturity and wisdom delight and inspire seniors to tell their own stories. This summer as we talked to facility after facility they thought that the independent, assisted, and rehabilitation centers would benefit most from Bright Hawk’s storytelling.

Many communities have several different smaller communities and while Let’s Dance is perfect for many units a lot of the time, we found that storytelling was in high demand among cognitively aware seniors. Bright Hawk still offers her storytelling to children and families but is also offering the program in retirement communities and other similar places. Seniors appreciate Bright Hawk’s enthusiasm, the Hang PANArt, and skill at which she can play and tell a story.

Check out this little video of Bright Hawk’s Storytelling:

Let’s Dance is booking for 2016 right now! Contact us!


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