Happy 2016!

Let's Dance - A unique Program for EVERYONE!

Happy Holidays to all our directors, activities people, and people that work directly with the communities we visit. We want to show our love and gratitude for all your support this past year! Our gift to you!

Also, in an effort to make Let’s Dance more affordable for low income places we wanted to reach out and give you another way to save with Let’s Dance!

We are looking for photos, video, and feedback about our program! We know you are very busy and the budget is a challenge, so in our effort to lift everyone up we make an offer. Please submit photos, videos and feedback directly to our website. You can comment at the bottom of any page. This helps other activity directors feel confident in trying Let’s Dance as a form of healthy entertainment for their communities. You can also just email the quote, pictures or video that are okay for us to use on our website. Please email with the name you posted to LetsDanceActivities.com and we are happy to give you a unique coupon code to save $25 on our next visit.

Also for the month of January we are offering our CO special to book 3 bookings for $100 each. Book 6 for the entire year and we will give you a $25 coupon to use on any visit. You can use multiple coupons! We WANT to visit your community!



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