Booking for Summer Tour 2016 Now!

By Hollis Taylor

It’s Spring! It’s finally here! After a long cold winter in Colorado we are ready for our summer tour. We are looking forward to meeting new communities out east this year as well as visiting some of our favorites from the past two years. Our first Let’s Dance programs were provided to several progressive communities in Central PA in Sept 2014. We visited again in July of 2015. We are so grateful to be visiting again this summer but instead in May. Thank you so much Pennsylvania facilities for giving us a starting place to launch a program that brings love, smiles, and healing to people in long term care facilities around the country!

We are already taking bookings for our 3rd summer in Pennsylvania, where it all began. We plan to be in the Central Pennsylvania area May 2016 including the Lancaster area. We already have several supporters in the area and we are excited to revisit those communities. Be sure to get your chosen slot in now!

We also plan to be in MA for most of June and then NY very late June into July.We are booking now for all these areas and look forward to hearing from you. If you feel like we should come to your area I encourage you to email us, now! Our schedule is beginning to fall together!

Oregon, you should also know that we plan to be in your area, again. So far its looking like August – so please keep us in mind when planning that far ahead.

You can simply email with a requested date and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!



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