Let’s Dance – Sliding Scale? Grant writers?

Everyone can afford Let’s Dance! We make that possible through the sliding scale model. Recently, Let’s Dance has settled on the sliding scale model for pricing for a variety of reasons.  For many people this is an entirely new way to approach paying for services and some people like to hear further information of how it works.

Among the elderly population and their caregivers there is a general understanding that some people have more money then others, but that shouldn’t put a limit on some basic things. Basic care, medication, and general overall happiness. Once Let’s Dance visits a community the staff is normally inspired by the program, because of the happiness that it spreads. The happiness is brings to the community is worth more than any dollar bill and most of us would agree. There is an understanding among activities and recreation directors that we want Let’s Dance to be available for ALL communities. So in our commitment to the elderly population as a whole we agree to pay at the top of our budget.

Most people in the position to hire entertainers for their communities want to pay their entertainers more, especially the ones the residents love. Many communities tell me they wish they could pay more and I am humbled by the ones that do! When a community says we are going to pay you twice as much this month because we want you to take Let’s Dance to lower income communities, too! The other thing directors say when they pay more is “I can’t do it every month, but this month I can and I might as well because I know it will go further with Let’s Dance”

Let’s Dance has a general understanding that the program is priceless and necessary for communities. So with a sliding scale essentially we ask you “What can you afford?” Many healers including acupuncture, natural healers, yoga instructors and so forth offer this sliding scale model because it makes good health available to all people. So in the same attitude we can offer Let’s Dance to the elderly community.

We are also currently looking for Grant Writers that might be interested in helping Let’s Dance get special funding. We are open to many options and willing to be flexible with you, let’s talk! Email LetsDanceActivities@gmail.com

Let’s Dance hopes to raise the vibration with your community today! We are booking for CO, Central PA, Western MA, Boston, NY and CT for this summer. As well as later in the summer we will be in OR.




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