Let’s Dance Needs your support!


An Inspirational Story about Let’s Dance History

In the first trial run for Let’s Dance we visited approximately 10 communities in the State of Pennsylvania. In our second year we visited 65 different communities, returning to the ones in Pennsylvania but also adding Massachusettes, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada. Now in our 3rd year we have already exceded where we were last year with a full schedule in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and accepting bookings for Connecticut, Oregon, Nevada and Colorado this fall. We are growing fast  and both of us are working very hard at building Let’s Dance. We both personally feel that it is a dream come true, traveling and sharing our brightest of lights. We are just on the edge of our growth and realize that as we grow we need some outside funding to help us build Let’s Dance in a way that will be sustainable for our future as well as the future of our growing elder community and challenged communities.

Our growth has been impressive and with each visit to a new facility we are hearing similar quotes. “Wow! When are you coming back? I have never seen anything like this!” – “This is truly a special program!” – “Let us dig a little deeper in our budget, so you can be sure to say Yes to those lower income communities! Everyone should have access to this magic!” We are humbled at the outpouring of love and support that we witness among these communities. Communities are coming together so that we can visit several different communities in a similar area. We have expanded to include Adult Day Cares, Intellectually Challenged, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other challenged communities with the program being developed further to be completely inclusive. Let’s Dance has also added other programs including a Storytelling program with stories by Bright Hawk, a professional storyteller for 20 years, to include world travel and old folk tales. We have also began to offer the concert for communities that have a general interest in music. The concert typically includes discussions about the instrument and Bright Hawk’s original compositions.


Let’s Dance in Action

As we grow we are in need of a little “startup capital” like in most businesses. One way for us to significantly save money while on the road would be to have a Vanigon. Plus, to be honest, its part of a mutual dream we have. We love our National Parks and Nature, both of us are lifetime campers and outdoors people. So what a better way for us to travel than on the road with a reliable camper van or something else simple and small. Currently we usually Rent A Car and we have a very generous friend – a fellow Nurse Janette Ladores, who sees the potential for the program and has generously let us borrow her vehicle. Our gratitude for her generosity is profound and we owe some of our expansion last year directly to her and communities in New Jersey! So the majority of the money would pay for a Vanigon or something else small that is as environmentally responsible as possible! We also would accept donations of a Van that is repairable or even already restored. Currently we also rely on the generosity of our friends to put us up in their living rooms, spare rooms, and even using couchsurfing.com – Simplifying our travel with a mobile camper of some sort would add a sense of home on the road, something we both have explored together in the Summer of 2015. This is not only a dream come true for us but all the communities we visit and could potentially visit on the road. Communities around the nation could enjoy our program at least once a year, providing more smiles, hugs and tears of joy to people that could use a lift in their spirits. Providing a program that benefits the community as it is today, in the coming years, and help to evolve entertainment in the comunities we visit.


Hollis engages every person in the community for fun dance moves regardless of cognitive, physical or intellectual challenges. Making this very special dance & movement program available for all people.


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