2016 Tour

We have began our tour and are currently booking for the entire summer, fall and into next year, 2017. Look for your state and if we are in your state please email us if your interested in having us visit your community. We are super excited to bring this amazing program to so many places all over the USA. Book now, get your slot!

May – central PA

June – Western MA, Boston, and NY

July – WesterMA, New Jersey then CO in late July.

August- Colorado, Oregon, WA

September – MA & CT & CO

October – CO, NV, & CA

November, December and Jan 2017 – Colorado

We follow a similar tour in 2017 and can book that far ahead. Please contact us, no matter where you are! We still continue to grow in bookings and places to visit, even if we don’t list your area. We can get there, let’s talk about how to make it happen!



One thought on “2016 Tour

  1. Reblogged this on Bright Hawk and commented:

    This is my basic tour guide so if your in one of these states and interested in having me perform at your favorite venue please let me know. Here are some additions to the tour schedule:

    Central PA – Sunday May 22nd, Crazy Monkeys at HMAC – Harrisburg Midtown Arts center 8-10pm

    May 25-30th Rites of Spring in MA


    June 3-5th Improvisional Festival in MA


    June 2nd 10am – Storytime at Worthington Library


    June 5 – HandPan – Hang PANArt healing event


    June 17 – 20th Unifier Festival


    June 24–26th


    Hope to see you in my travels!!


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