Happy Holiday 2017

A Special Program for Special Needs Communities including Dementia

Let’s Dance sends warm blessings for everyone at this time of year. May the holidays bring love and warmth deep in your hearts and the hearts of those you love. Please extend our loving blessings to your community from Bright Hawk & Hollis! Our 2017 Fundraiser is coming to an end and we would love to meet our goal before the New Year! If your able to share this video or make a donation we are very grateful – remember we are economically inclusive and serve communities that are typically very low income.

We are approaching 2018 and beginning to schedule our tour. So far in April we are sure we will be serving LA. We are sure to be in Central PA in May and MA in June – NY in late June.

We are still scheduling CO for Jan. – Feb. – March – and we will likely have days that we visit CO throughout the summer when we are passing from West Coast to East Coast.

We are opening our network to the Tuscon, AZ area in Jan & Feb. We are super excited to make this addition to our network and hope to grow Let’s Dance in the area.

If you are in an area and wondering when we might be back, please email us directly. We usually find out 6+ months from our arrival date – so PLEASE email us if your a 6+ month planner and we can often narrow down some dates for you!

Let’s Dance is officially a Non-Profit so if we visit you regularly please be sure you get our updated W9. We are also working on applying for grants and are welcoming any invitations or information about possible grants! Thank you for your continued support, we continue our growth in order to better serve our elders around the country.

Let's Dance Tour DatesCLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW


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