Moving Into Joy

Inspired by the amazing results for challenged communities – Hollis Taylor & Bright Hawk developed a program developed to build community and connection intended to support people in journeys with depression, substance abuse, and even just people looking for something more in their exercise program. Offered among communities around the world this program helps every day folks get into the groove with the handpan, an instrument known for its heart opening and soothing vibrations.

Bright Hawk starts off with soothing vibrations while Hollis guides everyone in simple breathing exercises and stretches in preparation. Progressively and gently we dance alone, with eye contact with many people, dancing with one person, and even dancing in groups. Guided by Hollis Taylor with attention to inclusion, safety, and fun this program brings communities together, soothes relationships, and relieves emotional and mental stress. This program has been offered to communities including groups that include people challenged with depression, substance abuse, domestic challenges and other real life challenges many people face today.

We can visit your dance studio, dance/yoga festival, school, community center, church, festival, and any other community gathering that might enjoy this program.

Endorsed and Loved by communities like Toivo. You are welcome to contact for references.