Autistic Children and Youth

By this community we mean all people on the spectrum, often in communities they are children and youth. Although understand that age doesn’t really matter. Being on the spectrum, regardless of where, can sometimes mean that finding entertainers that can adjust their programming slightly to better include people on the spectrum is hard to find. Let’s Dance strives to include all people and that means those on the spectrum as well.

Hollis has served as a youth leader for a total of about 25 years and in that Hollis always included children on the spectrum, never asking to separate them. Hollis celebrates people on the spectrum as simply another perspective of this world. Hollis has not only lead children on the spectrum but also has several personal adult friends on the spectrum. These experiences and friends have helped Hollis adjust this program to include even drastically autistic children. Bright Hawk has played music for children in hospital and community settings. She understands how music can lead a group of individuals, regardless of their challenges. Together Hollis and Bright Hawk create an activity that includes music, movement, and smiles for your day program or school.

Comment from the mother of an autistic child:

“Your music was very soothing to my daughter. It was a very special experience. Thank you!”

Let’s Dance Music & Movement (For everyone! mixed groups ok)

Bright Hawk Storytelling (For those who can follow an audio storyline with some animated movement from Bright Hawk and music on the Hang PANArt)

-Hang PANArt Concert – NOT recommended for people that don’t like to sit still and listen to music.