Independent & Assisted Living

We understand that Independent and Assisted Living facilities can sometimes be a tough bunch to please. Bright Hawk is well versed in entertaining adults and often is highly appreciated by even the people with very high standards. The Hang PANArt instrument can fascinate even the well educated musician. Hollis spent several years as a caregiver in assisted living facilities and often planned and led activities for them. Hollis understands their perspective and is sensitive to their needs. We have several programs that are available for these types of facilities and adjustments are easily made to help this work for your facility.

Quotes from residents:

“This is great exercise and it’s fun!”

“That instrument is amazing! I have never seen anything like it!

Let’s Dance Movement program (Yoga and expressive dancing)

Storytelling with Bright Hawk (Professional Stories with the Hang)

Hang PANArt Concert (A special concert for music appreciators)